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It’s a good idea to get in the habit of writing a blog. Even if it’s just twice a month, this online update provides useful information for your customers and brings traffic to your site.

However, many business owners start with great intentions, only to quit their blog a few months later. There are several reasons as to why this happens – but one of the most common issues is failing to form a blog-writing habit. Here’s more information.

The Value of a (Good) Habit

Think about all the habitual things you do, each and every day. Cleaning your teeth. Getting dressed. Making a cup of coffee each morning. Checking your emails. These activities are ingrained into your daily life, so you don’t think of them as a hardship or hassle. They’re just something you do, without question.

Start thinking of your blog as a necessary habit, not an optional extra. Once you get in the routine of updating it with regular content, you’ll soon stop seeing it as an annoyance!

How to Form a Blog Writing Habit

  • Set aside a time (that suits). Identify a time each week that you can devote to writing a blog. If you’re a morning person, this might be at 6:30am, just before the kids wake up for school. If you feel better fuelled after eating, do it every Tuesday after lunch. It doesn’t matter when you write it… as long as it’s written.


  • Collect ideas. To make sure you’ve got plenty of material to work with, collect ideas throughout the week. You’ll need to make a habit of this too – scour industry-related publications and websites, talk to customers on social media, and be open to new topics that relate to your business.


  • Understand the format. Generally speaking, most blog posts have an opening paragraph, a main section (sub-divided and bullet pointed) and a conclusion or call-to-action. Once you get in the habit of using the format, it soon becomes second-nature.


  • Write first, edit second. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect to begin with – simply focus on getting all the relevant information down. The time for polishing is after the post is written!

Using Your Blog to Generate Sales

After every blog post, aim to do the following:

  • Add to social media posts. Post your new blog to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media platforms you’re on. This helps bring customers through to your site.
  • Include in a newsletter. Let existing clients know there’s a new blog post online via your weekly or monthly newsletter.
  • Add to emails. If you’re emailing a client, add a note at the bottom, letting them know there’s a new blog post that might interest them.

Blog Writing Services

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