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-          Lucy Banks

As someone who writes around the clock, I frequently get drawn into conversations about writing. One topic that comes up fairly often is quality of writing. How do you become a ‘better writer’? What steps do you need to take? Can it be learnt in a day? A week? A year? In short, how exactly do you make it happen?

Why it Matters

It doesn’t matter what sort of writing you’re producing. It could be a steamy romance novel, an academic article, or a piece of sales copy. The key thing is – it must be a high-quality piece of writing, or you won’t be taken seriously.

Even the tiniest mistake stands out like a sore thumb. In business terms, this can cost you a customer. It’s worthwhile taking the time to master the art of writing, as it could make a big difference to your company.

Copywriting Tips – Improving Your Writing

  • Read around. I’m also an author, and one of the most common pieces of advice for us creative writers is ‘read lots’. Absorb the writing of others and in turn, it’ll improve your own writing. It’s wise advice – and it also applies for all other types of writing. If you’re planning on writing a business blog, read other people’s blogs. Work out what’s effective and what’s not – then use this knowledge in your own writing.
  • Check grammar / spelling etc. If you’re not sure about the basic rules of grammar and punctuation, invest in a book and swot up. Eats, Shoots and Leaves (Lynne Truss) is a great book for getting to grips with punctuation, and My Grammar and I (Caroline Taggart) is useful for picking up grammar tips. Trust me, it’s worth doing – as many as 50% of sales are lost as a result of just one spelling mistake on a web page.
  • Keep writing. Writing is like any other skill – it takes practice. Nobody picks up a guitar and instantly becomes a player of Hendrix-like proportions, and it’s exactly the same for writers – it takes time and practice to master it! Don’t feel disheartened if your initial attempts aren’t very good, in time, you will get it. Remember, copywriters can help with refining content that needs a bit of a polish.
  • Be innovative. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, simply copying another company’s blog post won’t win you much admiration from your customers. Don’t be afraid to try new things – for example, a dash of humour can work wonders, and a unique brand voice is a powerful thing. The great joy about writing online is that, if it doesn’t work, you can simply move on or delete the whole article.

Copywriting Assistance

It’s worthwhile trying to master the art of writing – being in control of your own business content is empowering, and after all, no-one knows your company like you do. However, if you’re struggling to get started, or need some help polishing some content, please do get in contact – that’s what we’re here for. Our email address is