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In Vietnam, there’s a well-known saying - same same, but different. The expression can be applied to all good copywriting. You adhere to the same basic rules, but deviate enough to give your content a fresh voice.

It sounds deceptively simple, which is why many businesses dive into their content – only to find that it doesn’t deliver the intended results. Here’s a quick guide, outlining the copywriting rules you should know – and when it’s okay to break them.

Copywriting Rules… and When to Smash ‘Em to Bits!

  • Spelling. To be a good copywriter, you need to know how to spell. However, that doesn’t mean you should always write in perfect English. Sometimes, you can give your brand voice added authenticity by deliberately playing with spelling. Just make sure your readers know you’re doing so – and don’t just think you can’t spell the word properly!
  • Sentence structure. Experienced copywriters play around with sentence structure all the time. You might get short sentences. Like this one. And, you might get sentences that start with and. See what I did there? If it creates the desired effect, it’s perfectly acceptable. You’re not at school now, and you won’t get marked down for breaking the rules!
  • Making up words. Shock horror… it’s even okay to make up words from time to time, you know! Obviously, their meaning should still be clear – otherwise there’s no point having them in your content. But, to not put too fine a point on it, some of the world’s best writers invented words. Just look at Shakespeare.
  • Humour. If you know your target audience well, there’s no issue with using humour in your writing. You can even get a bit risqué with it – as long as it won’t offend the people that you’re trying to attract to your site. Don’t feel like you always have to play it safe; sometimes it’s a good idea to step firmly out of the box.
  • Slang. If slang is appropriate to your business, then feel free to use it. It’ll help to reinforce your brand image and give authenticity to your brand voice. However, it goes without saying that it’s not a good idea to use slang if you want to appeal to a corporate audience.

Practice Makes Perfect

Your content is a fundamental part of your business. It reinforces your brand. It captures the ‘voice’ of your company. It communicates with your target audience in a way that images alone simply cannot.

It takes skill to write great content – and this doesn’t come overnight. If you’re serious about creating content for your site, then you’ll need to practice. A lot. You might also benefit from enrolling on an online course, or reading other people’s content online and seeing what works well.

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