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There’s nothing to stop your company going stratospheric in a matter of moments. However, let’s be realistic here - it doesn’t happen very often. A more typical business model would be - experience limited success in the first year, then improve from there on in.

Ambition is admirable. But it’s always worthwhile to balance it with a healthy dose of realism.

Content is King, so Why Don’t I Rule (Now)?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘content is king’. Unfortunately, this had led to some confusion, with some businesses believing that all they need to do is post a couple of blogs, and then watch the sales roll in.

Sadly, content doesn’t work like that. It’s not a get-rich quick scheme. In fact, like any form of marketing, it takes a while to yield results. However, keep at it long enough, and you will notice a difference - and that’s a guarantee.

Why Bother Blogging?

Blogging takes a lot of time and effort, which is why some companies wonder if there’s any point. This is especially the case if they have unrealistic expectations, and expect sales to zoom upwards by 150% after just one month of posting blogs.

Here’s some important points about blogging, and why it’s beneficial for your business (in the long-run).

  • Fresh content. By adding a blog to your site every week, or even every fortnight, you’re providing your site with fresh content. Make no mistake – Google likes fresh content very much. Keep at it, and you’ll notice an improvement in your search engine ranking – though please note, you’ll also have to focus on other elements of SEO too.
  • Something to talk about. Blogs are wonderful, in that they can be repurposed in many ways – thus improving your ROI. Add them to your social media sites to lure followers through to your website. Include them in your newsletters and email campaigns to encourage repeat orders. Tweak them, then submit to high-traffic sites to gain valuable backlinks and further interest in your brand. There are a number of clever ways you can get the most out of your blog – providing you’re happy to think outside the box.
  • Authority voice. Write a regular, well-researched blog, and you’ll swiftly establish yourself as the voice of authority. Once you get known as an expert in the industry, interest in your blog (and brand) is likely to grow.
  • Building relationships. People like to read blogs. It allows them to get a feel for the company, and that’s an important part of the buying decision. Your blog can be used to build relationships with people, encouraging them to be lifelong customers, not one-time buyers.

When Not to Bother With Blogging

If you’re looking for immediate results, you’ll be better off focusing on paid ads, such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or sponsored Twitter Ads. However, a word of warning. These types of campaign are not cheap. If you want things to happen quickly, you can expect to pay a premium!

It’s advisable to adopt a dual approach – focusing both on long-term gains (blogging) and short-term results (paid advertising). This ensures you’re making sales now, whilst preparing for great returns in the future.

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