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Every business wants that killer tagline. The one that’s snappy, attention-grabbing, and makes your company look awesome.

However, in the quest for the perfect tagline, it’s worryingly easy to get lost along the way.

You Do What, Exactly?

Some companies have nailed the fine art of taglines. Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ springs instantly to mind. It sums up their ethos perfectly; it’s short, powerful – and everything a great tagline should be.

However, rather interestingly, it gives nothing away about the nature of their business. It doesn’t directly relate to sportswear, or even to sports activities. So how do they get away with it?

Quite frankly – they manage it because we already know what they do. Nike are so big; they don’t need to remind us that they sell trainers. Hence, they can be as creative with their tagline as they like.

And the Rest of Us?

If you’re like most UK companies, you’ll fall into the ‘SME’ category - and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, chances are that not everyone in the UK (let alone the world) knows who you are. They don’t have a firm grasp of what you do or how your services can help them. Therefore, they need to be told.

Your tagline is often one of the first points of contact. Yes, it needs to impress. But it also needs to somehow convey what it is that you do; or at least give a helpful hint. Otherwise, you run the risk of confusing people – and in the world of business, confusion is never a good thing.

Of course, in certain situations, the surrounding marketing material will explain your products and services for you. But remember, there will be times when your tagline has to stand alone!

Piquing the Interest?

You could argue that an ambiguous tagline arouses curiosity, and makes people more likely to visit the website to find out more. My personal take on this? That’s an overly optimistic view. Most simply won’t bother – unless they’re given damned good reason to do so.

Creating a sense of curiosity is great. Highly desirable, in fact. But if it doesn’t come with any solid motivation, it won’t produce results.

How to Create the Perfect Tagline?

When you’re musing on how to nail your tagline, take the following into account:

  • What you do – your products and services
  • Why you’re better – your USPs
  • What your ethos is – your brand message, your company manifesto

Remember, it needs to be snappy. Ideally, 5-7 words or less. Bear in mind, this isn’t an easy process! Finding the perfect tagline takes time. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and hit on it within half an hour or so. But more often than not, you’ll be agonising over it for days.

Finding the Right Tagline

Once you’ve got a few good options, share them with others. Test them out on your marketing collateral, to see which one ‘looks’ best in situ. Sit on it for a while, then return to the taglines to see which one ‘feels right’. In short – don’t rush the process; your tagline is one of the most important aspects of your marketing!

If you need assistance, talk to the DWC today… it’s what we’re here for.