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Online content is important for the continued success of your business. In short, what you say on behalf of your company really does matter!

Regardless of whether you’re producing content in-house or outsourcing to a copywriting company, you need to make sure the content ticks all the boxes; after all, it’s representing your business, and needs to shine.

Unsure as to what your content should be delivering? Here’s a list.

Copywriting Checklist

  1. A cohesive brand. Every piece of content you produce should match your existing branding. A corporate voice won’t work well with a laid-back, surfer site. Nor will a slang-filled, matey tone blend well with a high-end online boutique! A good copywriter will examine your brand as a whole, and create a suitable voice accordingly.
  1. Engagement. Above all else, online content should engage the target audience. A copywriter will be happy to review and research the market, and find out what sort of content is relevant and appealing.
  1. Readability. No-one wants to read a lengthy essay on your site (unless you’re targeting academics, of course!). Your copywriter should know how to sub-divide content, and how to use paragraphs, bullet points and shorter sentences to keep people reading.
  1. Flawless finish. The main risk if you’re not a specialist copywriter is human error. Your spelling, punctuation and grammar should be as spot-on as possible – as mistakes often stand out with beacon-like clarity! If you’re producing the content yourself – check, check and triple-check before publishing it.
  1. Freshness. Ideally, you should be adding new content to your site and social media pages on a regular basis. At the very least, blogs should be updated every fortnight, and web content should be constantly reviewed, to ensure it reflects your company as well as possible.
  1. Something different. A good copywriter will craft content that has a little ‘spark’ – something that sets it apart from your competitors. They’ll be happy to discuss ideas with you, and experiment until they discover the magic formula. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try something different from time to time.

Copywriters in Devon

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