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The Benefit of Written Content

Customers rely on images to give them a broad sense of what a product is like. They need written content to provide them with the finer details, and to convince them of the value of their purchase.

A well-written product description covers the following:

  • Details – e.g. product dimensions / sizes, what the product is made of, any specific care instructions.
  • How it solves a problem – how the product can make life easier or more enjoyable.
  • Its unique selling points – why it’s better than other products currently on the market.

Customers like to feel comfortable when making a purchase; they don’t want to feel as though they’re taking an unnecessary risk. Well written content reassures them, and reinforces their desire to buy.

How to Sell in the USPs

If you’re planning to write the product descriptions yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Be honest. Over-exaggeration or out-and-out lies are likely to backfire on you – big time. At best, your customer is likely to return the product. At worst, they’ll leave a bad review, or perhaps even take legal action. Keep it honest at all times.
  • Figure out the USPs before writing. Work out what the key unique selling points are, then make sure they’re all covered in the description. After all, these are the aspects that’ll convince your customers to buy.
  • Keep it concise. Here’s a rule of thumb to remember – if the content doesn’t contribute anything, leave it out. Short, snappy content, filled with useful details and compelling reasons to purchase, is much more valuable than pages of waffle.
  • Use your keywords (wisely). SEO should always be a priority, and it’s a good idea to optimise your content. However, this doesn’t need to be excessive. In fact, if you stuff too many keywords into it, you may find it has an adverse effect on your search engine ranking. Good quality content wins every time.
  • Use bullet-points. As we’re demonstrating in this blog post, bullet-points are easy to read, making it simpler to access the information you need. Big blocks of text are far harder to absorb.

Writing Product Descriptions

Product descriptions can be incredibly effective for sales; but they require careful handling. If you’d like some professional help, talk to us on .