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Ah, election fever again! The canvassers are in action, knocking from door to door, and the internet is rife with oceans of articles, praising one party or the other.

One thing they all have in common? They’re desperate to win us around to their point of view (whatever that might be). In this way, politics isn’t that dissimilar to business. Every word of content on your site should be tailored to convince your customer that you’re the company for them.

Writing to Appeal to Your Target Market

Political campaigns provide powerful inspiration for businesses. After all, if they’re done well, they drum up excitement, ignite passion and compel people to take action.

However, it’s important to realise how dangerous lack of honesty or knowledge can be (as the politicians often prove). Even a single lie can land a political party in deep trouble, and it’s exactly the same in business. In short, your website content should be truthful and informative – not full of hype or falsehood.

Things to Consider

  • The intended results. Before making a start, think about what you want each web page to achieve. Do you want to drive browsers through to a certain product? Do you want them to share your information on social media? Establish intention before you get stuck in.
  • The target market. Here’s where a bit of research might come in handy. Identify a specific demographic or two, then work out what exactly they like reading online. If in doubt, seek inspiration from companies that are already getting results. Your web content should be tweaked to resonate directly to them.
  • The attraction for the customer. It’s like politics, really – less about you, more about them. How will product X improve their lives? How does your service Y make a difference on a daily basis? All content should explicitly highlight the benefits.
  • Getting the message across. When drafting your web content, remember that every sentence needs to contribute to your overall message in some way. If it doesn’t, you might want to cut it. Readers like their information to be concise, engaging and 100% relevant.
  • Keeping it real. Avoid hyperbole and wild statements, no matter how exciting your products and services are. Again, look to politics and appreciate that it’s often the more authentic (less excitable) politicians who gain longer-term trust, not the ones who spout plenty of big, unattainable promises!

Write from the Heart, but Think With Your Head

There are various schools of thought in terms of business content style. We personally favour writing with passion and enthusiasm, whilst keeping all copy grounded in reality! Your excitement for your brand will permeate your content, infecting your readership - and your level-headed approach will build trust and long-term loyalty.

If you’re struggling to find the right words for your business web content, get in touch with The Devon Writing Company today – .