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How to Choose the Right Copywriter


To make a good impression online, it’s important to use the right words.

In the right order.

At the right time.

This is harder than it seems, especially if you’re not 100% confident in your writing ability; and that’s where a good copywriter can come in handy.

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How to Create a Punchy Headline


Coming up with a winning headline is harder than you might think. After all, those limited numbers of words need to achieve a hell of a lot – grabbing attention, summing up the accompanying content, and compelling people to read on.

If you struggle with creating headlines, here are a few tips to help you. 

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How to Write a Good Product Description


What compels a customer to buy?

Sometimes, it’s a killer photo, or it might be a price that’s simply too good to resist. Some people are lured in by the promise of a special offer. However, one thing’s for certain – the customer is unlikely to buy on the strength of a photo alone. Likewise, a mere price-tag is unlikely to be enough to convince them. In order to ensure they click ‘buy now’, you’ll need to have some powerful accompanying content. 

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How Much Information is Too Much Information?


We live in a world that loves to share. From Instagram snaps of favourite food to Facebook posts, spilling the beans about a new relationship, imparting your life story online has become the 21st norm.

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