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How to Write a Good Product Description


What compels a customer to buy?

Sometimes, it’s a killer photo, or it might be a price that’s simply too good to resist. Some people are lured in by the promise of a special offer. However, one thing’s for certain – the customer is unlikely to buy on the strength of a photo alone. Likewise, a mere price-tag is unlikely to be enough to convince them. In order to ensure they click ‘buy now’, you’ll need to have some powerful accompanying content. 

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How Much Information is Too Much Information?


We live in a world that loves to share. From Instagram snaps of favourite food to Facebook posts, spilling the beans about a new relationship, imparting your life story online has become the 21st norm.

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Raising Money for Children’s Hospice South-West!


If there’s one thing I really, really don’t enjoy, it’s running. The sad fact is, I’m not terribly good at it. I usually make an excellent start, then start flagging after thirty seconds, only to turn a worrying shade of purple after about a minute or so.

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Writing to Influence People


Ah, election fever again! The canvassers are in action, knocking from door to door, and the internet is rife with oceans of articles, praising one party or the other. 

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